In 2017, Assembly Bill 797 went into effect. This is an great bill that protects animals from suffering in hot vehicles. If a Good Samaritan sees a pet in a hot vehicle, this bill allows a Good Samaritan to break into the vehicle without the repercussions of being sued or arrested. Specific conditions and steps must be followed prior to entering the vehicle. "Those steps include:

1) Check that the car cannot be opened.

2) The animal must be suffering harm or imminent danger

3) Contact Law Enforcement.

4) Remain with the animal in a safe location until law enforcement arrives.

5) Don't use more force than necessary to rescue the animal.

If these steps are followed, a Good Samaritan would then be protected from criminal prosecution of liability for civil damages."

The video belwo was done a couple of years a go, but it is an excellent demonstration as to how HOT a car can get. The best thing to do is leave your pet at home not in a hot car!